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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 15, 2019 2:30am-4:01am PDT

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good morning, i'm janai norman. >> i'm kenneth moton. tornado warnings and watches are in effect in parts of at least four states overnight after 15 tornados tore through the south over the weekend. eight people are confirmed dead, including three children. you can't blame tiger woods if he's waking up in his new masters green jacket this morning. the 43-year-old woods put on a performance for the ages yesterday to win his fifth masters tournament and his 15th major title. we'll have more coming up. it is april 15th and that means tax deadline day for most of us. the irs estimates at least 50 million americans have not yet filed their taxes. it's also patriots day. people in massachusetts and maine have until wednesday to
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file. today is the 123rd boston marathon. hundreds of thousands of people will be on hand to watch the world's most elite runners. this year marks the sixth anniversary of the deadly marathon bombing. those are some of our top stories on this monday, april 15th. good monday morning. thanks for joining us. we're coming off a busy weekend. >> we are. >> a lot was going on. severe weather, tiger winning again. >> now we have tax day. >> "game of thrones." >> it's marathon day in boston, we were just mentioning. i love this day and what it symbolizes for the nation and boston, the resilience there after the bombing. >> yes. >> so we're going to talk about that as well. >> a lot to get to. so yes, a big day there. we do begin this half hour with severe weather now in the eastern u.s. >> tornado warnings and watches have been issued for parts of at least four states. the storm system extends from florida all the way up to canada. >> the advisories include a rare
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tornado watch for times square and the entire new york metro area. >> over the weekend 15 tornados were confirmed in southern states, killing at least eight people. homes, businesses, and a church were damaged or destroyed in texas, louisiana, mississippi, and alabama. >> on its way eastward the storm system spawned a suspected tornado in shelby, ohio, about 70 miles southwest of cleveland. several buildings were damaged, at least six people hurt. abc's marcus moore is in the storm zone. >> reporter: that deadly storm system on the move, leaving a trail of destruction across the south, killing at least eight and injuring dozens. >> we're still getting reports of tornados on the ground. >> reporter: in texas, a powerful ef-3 tornado with 140-mile-per-hour winds in franklin, leveling homes, others shredded with debris scattered everywhere. the violent winds flipping over cars and toppling trees, leaving thousands without power. >> my house was just lifted. just scattered over the backyard. >> reporter: this is the spot where about 100 people gathered
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for an annual event at that building there, and off in the distance the storm coming through tossing around these cars. and that building took a direct hit. sadly, one person passed away. in cherokee county, people seeing ruins where their homes once stood. we were in alton, a down hit by two powerful tornados in 90 minutes, as residents came back to their neighborhoods trying to make sense of unrecognizable. >> i just have the clothes on my back. >> reporter: the winds from this event so strong uprooting this tree, claiming the lives of a 3-year-old and 8-year-old in angelina county. >> i noticed the tree had fallen on their vehicle. i knew it wasn't a good outcome. >> reporter: mississippi state university telling its students to take cover after a tornado warning was issued. this drone footage revealing the scale of the damage left behind. farther north, this likely tornado claiming another life in monroe county. this weekend, nearly 200 incidents of severe weather from texas to south carolina.
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heavy rain also prompting rescues. watch as first responders carry away this woman and a young girl after their suv got stuck in a flooded ditch. and in louisiana, this elementary school engulfed in flames. officials say the fire might have been started by a lightning strike. luckily no one was hurt. the devastation is breathtaking. you can see what the storm did to the apartment building behind me. there were three people inside. they managed to escape unhurt. they crawled out of the front door and are thankful to be alive. marcus moore, abc news, texas. >> our thanks to marcus. the weather will be much better in the south today. >> it will be drier and calmer with only a few leftover showers in southern florida. here in the northeast, though, we'll have storms overnight. by the afternoon it will be sunny and dry with highs in the 60s. the midwest will also see milder weather today. >> a new storm system is arriving on the west coast, bringing rain from san francisco to seattle. the white house says a controversial plan to bus migrants from the southern border to so-called sanctuary cities is on the table.
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>> the proposal has already been rejected twice by homeland security, but white house press secretary sarah sanders said they're now doing an extensive review because president trump likes the idea. mayors in cities that chose not to cooperate with immigration officials say they'll welcome the migrants, but they're accusing the president of using them as human pawns. south bend mayor pete buttigieg has kick off his presidential campaign after saying for months it's time for a new generation of leadership. >> abc's matt gutman was there for the announcement. >> reporter: the man hoping to make history -- >> they call me mayor pete. >> reporter: -- officially entering the crowded democratic field. >> and i am running for president of the united states. >> reporter: pete buttigieg telling the crowd the race for 2020 is a generational fight. >> that's why this time it's not just about winning an election, it's about winning an era. >> reporter: his personal story and agenda -- >> the principles that will guide my campaign for president are simple enough to fit on a bumper sticker.
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freedom. security. and democracy. >> reporter: and short on policy specifics. not once mentioning president trump's name, but taking shots at the man whose job he wants. >> when something is grotesque, it's hard to look away. and the horror show in washington is mesmerizing. it's all-consuming. but starting today, we're going to change the channel. >> reporter: but the start was rough. the venue chosen just last week due to growing crowd estimates. the roof leaking. the crowd wet and large. it's a candidacy full of firsts. his would be the first mayor to win a nomination, the first openly gay man in office, the first president under 40. his notoriety surging last week in a public spat with fellow hoosier vice president mike pence over the issue of same-sex marriage. and today calling out to his husband.
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>> to khasten, my love. >> reporter: after that speech, kissing him on the cheek. going forward buttigieg is going to want to be on the main debate stage, and right now he is polling third in key states of iowa and new hampshire. the question is how does he keep this momentum going? matt gut man, abc news. former obama white house counsel greg craig returns to a federal courtroom in washington today. he's expected to surrender his passport after pleading not guilty to charges that came to light during the russia investigation. craig is accused of lying to the justice department and concealing work he did for the ukrainian government, a possible violation of foreign lobbying rules. the state university of new york at buffalo has suspended all greek life activities while a possible hazing incident is investigated. an 18-year-old freshman is in critical condition after an incident at the sigma pi outside. a published report said the teen had no alcohol or drugs in his system.
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"the buffalo news" said he went into cardiac arrest during possible hazing that included forced exercises. the student was recently treated for a respiratory ailment. investigators in texas are expected to end a decades-long mystery today. they'll be identifying two women only known as jane and janet doe since their murders in 1986 and 1991. authorities say their work was helped by genetic genealogy. the women's bodies were found in what's known as the texas killing field where 30 women's bodies have been found since the 1970s. police apparently have discovered a treasure trove of information for their investigations, our smartphones. sources tell the new york times that requests for location data have risen sharply in the last six months. some ask for data for every device that pass through a given area. google removes the identities from the information they hand over but will provide the information if the police can make a case for it. a rideshare company is no longer providing electric bikes in three major cities.
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lyft says it has received reports of a stronger than expected braking force on the front wheels. it has removed its bikes from new york, washington, and san francisco. it's replacing them with traditional bicycles. lyft has been operating about 17,000 bikes in those cities. nike hasn't wasted time releasing a new ad celebrating tiger woods' big win at the masters. >> woods tapped in on the 18th green, you saw right there, let out a celebratory shout, while fans cheered wildly. it's the 15th time woods has won a major title. just three behind the all-time record of jack nicklaus. >> woods put on his fifth-ever green jacket with the help of last year's winner, patrick reed. he said it was probably one of the biggest wins he's ever had. >> and it's one that everybody will be talking about today. so in addition to the drama at the masters on sunday, there's also plenty of nba playoff action. james harden of the rockets was the star of the show against utah. >> harden led all scorers with 29 points.
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houston's entire starting lineup scored in double digits. the rockets blasted off with the 122-90 victory, taking a one-game lead in the series. game two is wednesday. >> also the celtics beat the pacers by 10. portland held on for a five-point win over oklahoma city. the milwaukee bucks blew out the detroit pistons 121-86. lots more playoff action to look forward to but not for lebron fans. he's at home watching also. coming up, scary moments for the dancing deacon from new orleans. was it divine intervention or just being at the right place at the right time? we open the "abc news vault" and take you back to when tiger woods won his first masters in 1997. you're watching "world news now." if you're age 50 to 85, and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget, remember the three p's. what are the three p's? the three p's of life insurance on a fixed budget
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so call now.
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when you're the tallest builng when you're the tallest building in the world, you've got to expect some lightning. the burj khalifa was struck several times during a thunderstorm yesterday. it's over 2,700 feet tall. now to a deacon in new orleans who loves to give back, and to dance. >> but he has his heart to blame for what happened next.
2:44 am
not his dance moves. abc's tom llamas has the story. >> reporter: 74-year-old piero coserta knows how to let loose. a deacon in the archdiocese of new orleans has been a regular at zydeco night at rocking bowl for the last 10 years. >> very energetic dance procedure for sure. >> reporter: piero says it's something about zydeco music, a blend of creole and blues that brings him back week after week. >> kicking up my heels to a song back in the '60s, "rocking robin." >> reporter: on this particular night, piero started to feel strange. >> fell forward initially. and then i just collapsed. >> reporter: you can see the moment in the surveillance video. piero was in cardiac arrest and in dire need of help. luckily for him, another dancer knew exactly what to do. laura pizano, a cardiac nurse from new jersey, and a first-timer at rocking bowl,
2:45 am
immediately jumped into action. >> and i went over, i saw he wasn't breathing. >> reporter: piero's heart had stopped. laura knew she needed to act fast so she reached for the defibrillator the business had installed just months before. >> we ended up shocking him, then we resumed cpr and continued until we got pulse back. >> reporter: piero was breathing by the time the ambulance arrived, then rushed to the hospital for a successful surgery. >> i am feeling blessed to say the least. i feel good. >> reporter: it was laura's quick thinking and that aed machine doctors say likely saved piero's life. just grateful to have been dancing in the right place at the right time. >> it was awesome. a miracle in and of itself. >> and that is why it's so important for people to know cpr, but also why there's been a push to have aed machines around in different places. because you never know when it will come in handy. >> they're helpful. dancing till your heart stops, not a bad way to go. luckily for him, it wasn't his
2:46 am
time, he's going to be back out on that dance floor very soon. >> my goodness. coming up, marking tiger woods' fifth masters victory. >> we are opening up the "abc news vault" and taking you back to the golf great's first masters win. you're watching "world news now." masters win. you're watching "world news now." and keeps it there longer with lock-in moisture technology. skin is petal smooth. because your best skin starts with olay.
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♪ the big talk of the morning, it is a really good shot that's going to be seen around the world. tiger woods has won his fifth masters. it's being called the greatest comeback in sports history, overcoming injuries and life challenges. >> we're opening up the "abc news vault" to april 14th, 1997. 1997, to his first masters win. >> and now to tiger woods. here's espn and abc's jimmy roberts. >> reporter: even before he had slipped on the green jacket yesterday, one after another the world's greatest golfers shook their heads and lined up to testify.
2:49 am
tiger woods had lapped the field. >> this was his week. this is his golf course for sure. and i think the future of golf is tiger woods. >> oh -- unbelievable. >> it's not a black or white issue or anything like that, it's just a fact that he's the best golfer in the world and he's 21 years old. >> reporter: woods' record-breaking performance at the masters has many in the world of golf predicting that he should become the fifth golfer in history to win all four of the game's most important tournaments. each majors over the course of one career. wondering if perhaps maybe he might become the first ever to win them all in one season. jimmy roberts for abc news, atlanta. >> tiger woods is the first person of color to win the masters. he regards himself as black and asian. his mother is from thailand. and it is, we think, an extraordinary coincidence that he arrives like this in the very week we celebrate the 50th anniversary of jackie robinson breaking the color barrier in major league baseball.
2:50 am
in golf no black man had ever made to it the masters until 1975, and the augusta national government course wasn't integrated until six years ago. so for many americans this is about pride. here's abc's kevin newman. >> reporter: lee elder was the first non-white invited to play the augusta course 22 years ago, which is where he returned to watch tiger win. >> i'll be sticking my chest out and calling his name in almost every conversation i have from now on. >> reporter: in many places today there was pride over what tiger woods has accomplished. >> tiger woods, oh, the golf man? i think he's kind of cool. >> he's going to be a role model for anybody who wants to do good in life. >> reporter: that woods is a man of mixed heritage seemed to make the point better. >> he'll be an inspiration to all races. that may focus attention beyond his color to the tenacity his high school golfing coach remembers. >> it was awesome to watch him do what he's trained himself to do for 21 years. >> reporter: then there's young
2:51 am
timothy sneed of houston who picked up his first club after watching tiger woods. >> he's a good golf player. someday i might be like him. >> reporter: a simple thing to say but it's taken tiger woods to help timothy believe it. kevin newman, abc news, new york. >> it's just incredible to be reminded of things that are not at the forefront anymore when it comes to the barriers he broke for golf. and being a black man in golf at that time. there was so many stories back in the '90s and early 2000s about what tiger woods was able to do. >> on a golf course that was integrated just six years before, in 1991. so he wins his first masters, 1997. 22 years later, almost to the day, he wins again. and of course it's so sweet because we showed that video of him hugging his dad after the first one. and then yesterday hugging his kids and his mom. so him saying that he feels like it came full circle. >> and people are talking about
2:52 am
that last time, 2005 to now, what's happened in that 14 years. >> a lot. >> you graduated from high school. what else? >> you like that, ken? you
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♪ ♪ so if you were watching on friday -- >> of course you were. >> i'm sure they were. you wa watching one of the most ambitious segments we've ever attempted here. >> "thrones news now" was our tribute to "game of thrones." what "world news now" would look like. paul was there, even jack was there. >> what you didn't see on friday was some of this, our outtakes. >> is this the beginning of our acting careers? >> winter is here. no, let me try -- winter is here. winter is here!
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more of a winter is here? >> should i be like, jacaris, jacaris! >> so at any point i'm going to have the bear come and attack you. with that you're going to jump that way. >> if it makes you feel any better, i always pack some polar bear repellent so -- aahhh! >> you always seem like you have a peripheral that the bear's coming and you don't. just as soon as you say, i wish i had this open, aahhh! really super quick. >> aahhh! ggaaahhh! ♪ >> oh, oh, audio guy, he's going to do something. >> start from the top. >> stay tuned next week. we see -- we -- sorry. i don't know the characters' names. >> joining us now is termon giantban.
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giant -- bane? giant bane. tormon giant bane. kale? drogo. >> thanks kenmo and -- and janaris? night king? what's your problem? >> it hurt more than i thought it would. >> do a couple reaction shots. >> okay. >> so good. >> i have real tears in my eyes. >> i do. big thanks to chris campbell, kim randolph, all the people here at "world news now" who had a role in that. just incredible. jack? is your weave on right now? >> oh my gosh. >> you've got to make sure. >> and thanks to our friend diane, "thrones news now" got a shout-out over the weekend on "gma." >> one of the anchors might look
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familiar. >> welcome back to "tmn," "thrones news now." >> oh, thanks, diane. >> yay, diane.
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or call your doctor. because... this morning on "world news this morning on "world news now", a deadly path of destruction. >> more than a dozen tornados ripped through four states this weekend, and the line of severe storms keeps moving east with watches and warnings in effect right now. the new immigration battle, president trump is considering sending migrant detainees to so-called sanctuary cities across the u.s. but could that lead to more migrants crossing the border? breaking overnight, crash landing. new video just in of a small plane coming down nose-first in front of a home. what we know about the people on board. and the king of the course is roaring this morning. tiger woods has completed a miracle comeback, winning the masters to capture the first green jacket since 2005. how he's being celebrated on
3:01 am
this monday, april 15th. >> reunited and it feels so good. >> great job over the weekend at "gma." >> oh, thank you. >> it's good to see you. >> you were watching? >> i saw a little bit. >> thank you for the slow clap and everything. i am so glad to be back. >> it's good to have you back. >> i'm excited. >> the weekend was crazy. >> it was. >> so it's monday, april 15th. >> yes. >> 2005. wait, no. >> whoa, whoa -- it feels like it, right? >> it's 2019 and tiger is back. >> yes. tiger is back. a highlight of the weekend. >> yes. >> also a lot of people dealing with the aftermath of some powerful storms and that's what we begin with. the powerful line of storms that turned deadly in the south over the weekend. >> right now the system is sweeping into the eastern u.s. with tornado warnings and watches for parts of maryland, new york, pennsylvania, and west virginia.
3:02 am
but thunderstorms and damaging winds are a threat to a much wider area. >> this is a look at times square which is about a mile south of us and there is a rare tornado watch in effect there until later this morning. >> tornados killed at least eight people over the weekend, including two children, and left tens of thousands in the dark in texas, mississippi, louisiana, arkansas, and georgia. this twister you see here near college station, texas damaged or destroyed dozens of buildings but no one was seriously injured. three tornados roared through houston county, texas, about 100 miles north of the city of houston. a woman was found dead near her home in the area. abc's marcus moore reports. >> reporter: throughout the weekend, severe weather moving across parts of the south. nearly 200 weather incidents from texas to south carolina. >> still getting reports of tornados on the ground. >> reporter: residents in monroe county, mississippi, forced to take shelter. >> we had 12 people, two kids, and about five dogs. all just huddled in the closet. >> reporter: the powerful storm
3:03 am
leaving a path of destruction. >> we got a lot of damage here in hamilton. >> reporter: in texas a powerful ef-3 tornado touched down in the town of franklin. cars tossed, homes there destroyed, thousands left without power. >> my house was just lifted. just scattered over the backyard. >> reporter: cherokee county hit by two tornados within 90 minutes. residents now surveying the damage. here in the town of alto, shameka johnson thankful her family is okay, but her home is a total loss. >> material things can be replaced. but at the same time, it do hurt because you have to start over. >> reporter: the severe weather hitting an annual festival in nearby caddo mountain state park. at least one was killed and dozens of others hurt. >> everyone who's not connected to the search and rescue or workers, please stay home. >> reporter: strong winds uprooting this tree in angelina county claiming the lives of two young boys. >> i noticed the tree had fallen
3:04 am
on their vehicle. i knew it wasn't a good outcome. >> reporter: officials in louisiana say lightning strikes may have sparked this massive fire, a school engulfed in flames. luckily no one was hurt. marcus moore, abc news, texas. >> our thanks to marcus. and the south will get a break before the next extreme weather system moves in. >> let's get the details from accuweather's paul williams. >> good morning kenneth, janai. what we need now, a chance to simply recover in the deep south following storms over the weekend. this high pressure system will provide that opportunity quieting things down. as far as the storm is concerned it's associated with this front but it's departing and getting out of the way. for the northeast, totally different story. active systems are bringing in thunderstorms, rain throughout the northeast and portions of maine. on the back side of it a mix of snow and freezing rain. believe it or not. then the winds will kick in big time. for monday, 40 to 50-mile-per-hour winds for the northeast. by monday night blowing into the
3:05 am
boston area. watch out for a little bit of spotty shower activity through the north-central part of the country. janai, kenneth? >> paul, thanks. the white house is defending president trump's praise of a proposal to transfer migrant detainees to so-called sanctuary cities. >> officials insist the plan should not be viewed as political retribution and described it as one of many options under consideration. as a growing number of migrants head to the border, democrats say the president wants to use humans as pawns. abc's tara palmieri has the details. >> reporter: the white house facing backlash as it pushes forward with the controversial plan to transport detained migrants and release them in so-called sanctuary cities. >> look, this is an option on the table. the president heard the idea, he likes it. so what we're looking to see if there are options that make it possible. >> reporter: the department of homeland security twice rejected the plan, but the president tweeting, the u.s. has the absolute legal right to have apprehended illegal immigrants transferred to sanctuary cities.
3:06 am
mayors from so-called sanctuary cities across the country, where they choose not to comply with immigration laws, are welcoming the migrants and calling the idea political retaliation. >> we in seattle and this region will stand up against a president who divides america. >> reporter: the president's press secretary admitting this is not an ideal option. >> it actually could encourage more immigrants. it would be easier for these migrants to put down roots in the u.s. in sanctuary cities, so it seems to run counter to his objectives. >> again, this isn't the president's plan. his top priority is to stop the flow of illegal immigration coming into our country to begin with. ideally, congress would fix the problem. they continue to kick the can down the road and not deal with the problem in front of them. >> reporter: this latest fight comes as congress sends a second letter demanding the irs commissioner release the president's personal and business tax returns from the past six years. chairman of the house ways and
3:07 am
means committee, richard neil, giving the administration an april 23rd deadline. after the administration missed the april 10 deadline. >> i don't think congress, particularly not this group of congressmen and women, are smart enough to look through the thousands of pages that i would assume that president trump's taxes will be. >> reporter: meanwhile, the much-anticipated mueller report is expected to be released this week. and the white house is already preparing white house counsel. emmet flood has been given a broad summary of what to expect. sources tell abc news he's also been given a briefing on logistics and timing. tara palmieri, abc news, the white house. >> our thanks to tara. congresswoman ilhan omar says she's facing an increased number of death threats since president trump tweeted a video about her. >> house speaker nancy pelosi is calling on the president to take down the tweet, and she asked capitol police to conduct an assessment to ensure omar's safety. democrats say the video seeks to imply that omar trivialized the 9/11 attacks during a recent speech but it omits the context of her remarks which focused on
3:08 am
the treatment of muslims following the attacks. south bend mayor pete buttigieg has officially kicked off his presidential campaign after saying for months it's time for a new generation of leadership. buttigieg is a rhodes scholar and war veteran. buttigieg is running third place in some polls and has already raised millions of dollars, more than $1 million in donations poured in just in the hours after his announcement. officials at new york's fordham university are looking into how a group of students gained access to a campus bell tower leading to a fatal fall. a 22-year-old female student died last night. police say she and some others climbed the tower around 3:00 a.m. sunday to get a view of the new york skyline. somehow she fell at least 30 feet, suffering head and body trauma. she passed away while being treated at a hospital. the man accused of throwing a young boy from a balcony at the mall of america is expected to be charged today. the suspect has a long criminal history.
3:09 am
court records say he was told to stay away from the mall twice in the past. facebook is apologizing for a global outage sunday morning. instagram and whatsapp, which facebook owns, were also down. just last month the social networking sites experienced a similar global disruption. the service was unavailable for at least 24 hours in some areas. facebook blamed a server configuration change. >> i had to post a picture to twitter because instagram was down. >> you're like, what is going on? >> but you need to see this picture. >> a lot of people were talking on social about the masters. >> they were, they still are, they will be today. because tiger woods, he says he knows why he's balding after the stress of an epic victory at the masters. woods tapped in his final shot at the tournament right there, claiming his fifth masters title and his 15th major championship victory. >> then he started the celebration with his own tiger roar before coming off the green to hug his kids and his mother.
3:10 am
woods put on another green jacket. 14 years since his last victory at augusta. no one has ever gone that long between masters wins. >> just unreal. to be honest with you, it's -- you know, just the whole tournament has meant so much to me over the years. coming here in '95 for the first time, you know, play as an amateur. winning in '97. then come full circle, 22 years later. >> here it is. >> woods called it probably one of his biggest wins. president trump and former president obama tweeted their congratulations. woods is now three major tournament victories behind jack nicklaus' all-time record of 18. >> so many people talking about this as we were saying. it's very rare that we get president obama and president trump -- >> to agree on something? >> they and so many people are agreeing that tiger is the man
3:11 am
this morning. >> i was watching yesterday on the plane back here to new york. and somebody had the masters app. and i was -- i was peeking over. i was like -- everybody was talking. you could hear the masters applause on the plane. everybody was watching it. and then obviously everybody's just talking on social because tiger is back. >> yes. >> people love a comeback. >> they do, they do, redemption stories, they're all about it. >> we've been talking this morning throughout tiger woods. not only his past and what happened in his personal life but the fact that he won, he's the winner. the fact that he's the greatest of all-time when it comes to this sport. people who don't even know what a birdie is -- >> they know who tiger woods is. >> and they tuned in yesterday. coming up, the tv event nearly two years in the making, the final season of "game of thrones" is under way. but we promise, we promise, we promise, no spoilers. later in "the mix," a look at what happens when kids find dad's razor. looks like my haircut. you're watching "world news now." now."
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my gums are irritated.
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i don't have to worry about that, do i? harmful bacteria lurk just below the gum line. crest gum detoxify, voted product of the year. it works below the gum line to neutralize harmful plaque bacteria and help reverse early gum damage. gum detoxify, from crest. women are standing up for what they deserve in the office in the world and finally, in the bedroom our natural lubrication varies every day it's normal so it's normal to do something about it ky natural feeling the lubrication you want nothing you don't get what you want breaking overnight, a small plane crashed onto the front lawn of a home on long island, just 15 miles from new york
3:15 am
city. look at this image. the plane was caught in electrical wires as it came down, also clipping a church roof. all three people aboard, tourists from korea, survived with minor injuries. witnesses say they walked away from that crash. incredible. new developments this morning in the murder of a south carolina college student after she got into a car she thought was her uber. >> we're learning that the murder suspect had been previously arrested. abc's zachary kiesch has that story. >> reporter: new details about nathaniel rowland, the man charged with kidnapping and killing university of south carolina student samantha josephson. josephson, seen here, allegedly mistaking rowland for an uber driver. according to police and court records in october, five months before josephson's murder, rowland was charged and arrested for selling stolen items connected to another local woman's kidnapping. that woman was carjacked and also had her home ransacked. authorities say stolen items found in a nearby pawn shop were later traced to rowland.
3:16 am
he was charged in connection with their sale, but not with the carjacking or theft themselves. then less than three weeks ago, on march 29th, rowland allegedly picked up josephson after a night out with friends. >> the child safety locks were activated on the door. that would not allow someone to -- the means of escape. >> reporter: an autopsy revealing josephson died from multiple sharp force injuries. her heartbroken father speaking out after the incident. >> samantha was by herself. she had absolutely no chance. >> reporter: rowland has been charged with murder and kidnapping. he has not entered a plea at this time but he'll be back in court on april 22nd. zachary kiesch, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to zachary. samantha josephson's parents are now working to make sure what happened to their daughter doesn't happen to anyone else. >> they will be guests this morning on "good morning america." coming up in our next half hour, a deputy's close call after a wild shootout. a bullet coming an inch from his
3:17 am
head. now surveillance video shows just how close he came to losing his life. first, going crazy for "game of thrones." checking out some of the over-the-top watch parties. but no spoilers. next on "world news now." but no spoilers. next on "world news now."
3:18 am
3:19 am
♪ ♪ you know what that music means, "game of thrones." it hasn't been on tv screens since 2017. but finally the show's eighth and final season premiered on hbo last night. >> you know, i heard a little bit something about this. >> i know, just a little bit. >> leading up to this, yeah, from viewing parties to twitter tirades, everyone in the seven kingdoms seemed to be celebrating the return of their favorite show and our own battle correspondent from the house of ganss, son of will and mary. >> not eaten by the polar bear. >> i'm here and alive, from the house of ganss. while we still don't know who will win the throne at the end of this season, it's safe to say
3:20 am
"snl's" leslie jones won the internet last night while live tweeting the "game of thrones" premiere. >> i'ma tell you this boy is gonna ride this dragon, yeah, what i tell you? >> reporter: leslie jones tweeting about the "game of thrones" season 8 premiere and she was not alone. jon, danny, and the dragons burning up online, claiming every single top twitter trend in the united states. this guy canceling two dates so he could watch the g.o.t. premiere. the premiere a family affair for many. others serving up a taste of westeros, like devil dragons' eggs and chicken little fingers. leslie jones dressing the part. jimmy kimmel a little more formal. "game of thrones" final season getting off to an explosive start. ♪ the reunion count high.
3:21 am
body count surprisingly low. the stage set for five final episodes of the most emmy award-winning tv drama of all-time. even still, hours later the first 19 trending topics on twitter are "game of thrones" related. so like bran in this first episode, we're just going to be waiting and looking and waiting for episode 2 next sunday on hbo. >> oh my gosh. people are still going nuts about this. and wishing that it was kind of like netflix where you just get the dump all at once. >> right, exactly. >> but yeah having to wait till the next sunday. >> yeah, people, they want the dump. >> yeah. okay. but of course hbo has us to thank for helping to build the excitement. >> they sure do. friday we debuted "thrones news now." if you haven't seen it, watch it again at we pinned it to the top of the page.
3:22 am
>> you'll see will meet a zombie polar bear. and analyst jack recaps jon snow's quest. >> who freed the curls the best? >> oh my gosh. >> oh my gosh.
3:23 am
3:24 am
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3:25 am
it's time for "the mix" on this monday morning. we were just talking "game of thrones." guess what, there's a komodo dragon celebrating her birthday on the same day as "the game of thrones" premiere. daenerys the komodo dragon, it's her birthday. she lives at an australian reptile park, and they did it up for her like you would for any komodo dragon's birthday. her name, of course, daenerys targaryen, in the tv series. she's 8 years old, a lady reptile also known as the mother of dragons. very sweet. >> komodo, all we have to do is say -- ♪ happy birthday to ya
3:26 am
♪ happy birthday >> okay, we don't have time for that and we have to pay for it as well, stevie's going to charge us. now to the world's largest plane making its flying debut over the mojave debut. took flight for the first time over the weekend here. the strata launch aircraft has a wing span of 385 feet. >> okay. >> and just to give you a little bit of -- >> perspective. >> that is the size, a little bit more than a football field. >> whoa. >> could you imagine? >> that's massive. >> that is huge. it's going to be used to launch, what, rockets up into the air, into space, yeah. launch satellites into space. >> sounds good. >> not rockets, satellites. i don't want to start an interstellar war here with another country. >> okay. >> just some satellites into space, that's pretty cool. >> real big, real big. there's some things you don't want your kids to get ahold of. usually the remote. >> your phone. >> or your phone. >> lock it. >> electric razor. >> oh no.
3:27 am
>> her son, little teddy, look at little sister eloise. >> oh, no, eloise, no! >> all the kids are bald, they're all bald. >> you're bald, you're bald! you're bald, you get a haircut, you get a haircut! >> all because little teddy found an electric razor. their poor mom in texas is in tears. probably because it feels a little bit like a mom fail. but stephanie, we feel for you. kids, they do the darnedest things. >> i know. teddy? teddy? >> it's only hair. >> it is only hair, it will grow back. >> it is. the last time i got ahold of an electric razor? >> it will grow back. >> janai, turn around. >> i'ma getcha. next to this swimwear scheme here. >> okay. >> this guy is in what, russia, siberia? they're celebrating the end of winter.
3:28 am
but look, it still looks pretty cold there, doesn't it? >> quite. >> and they are having a chilly good time with the swimwear. born from 1945 through 1965 have the highest rates of hepatitis c, but most don't know they're infected? people can live for decades without symptoms, but over time hepatitis c can cause serious health problems. if you were born during these years, the cdc now recommends that you get a blood test for hepatitis c. so talk to your doctor and find out if you have hepatitis c. it could save your life. know more.
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," the return of the roar. tiger woods is king of the golf course, winning the masters once again, 14 years after his last victory there. is this the greatest comeback in sports history? also this morning, severe weather strikes. more than a dozen tornados rip through the south, leaving people picking up the pieces of their homes. that storm system is on the move, triggering a tornado watch in new york city overnight. new this half hour, a deadly fall on a college campus. >> this morning, students in shock. the college senior died after falling from the clock tower weeks from graduation. no spoilers here, but we still have to talk about the "game of thrones" premiere.
3:31 am
g.o.t. fans have been waiting nearly two years for the eighth and final season. the premiere didn't disappoint and neither did the reaction. we have it all in "the skinny" on this monday, april 15th. there's going to be a lot of things that people are talking about at the water coolers today. >> it is crazy today. >> yeah. >> "game of thrones," it's tax day, and tiger woods, and janai is back? >> you guys are never going to get to your desk. >> oh my gosh. >> everybody's going to be at the cooler chatting. >> it's just so much going on. >> so much. >> i feel like walking off the set right now. >> where can we even begin? a busy monday as we come on the air. we're going to start with tiger because that is the big story of the morning. let's start with tiger because he says this is probably one of his biggest wins ever. he let out his own tiger roar after winning his fifth masters title and his 15th major championship. >> woods won his first masters
3:32 am
way back in 1997. he was just 21 years old then. he had his traditional red top on yesterday to complete a comeback that many said would never happen. >> after putting on his new green jacket, woods said he now knows why he's balding, because of the stress of the tournament, so that's why. his sponsor nike is already out with a moving ad marking his victory. we get more now from our friend diane macedo. >> reporter: tiger's epic comeback. >> the return to glory! >> reporter: the legendary golfer sealing his masters win, letting out a celebratory scream that had been bottled up for more than a decade. overcome with emotion, you can see tiger seek out his family, embracing his children and mother. the moment evokes memories of his first masters win 22 years ago, when he hugged his father, now passed. >> here it is. >> when i tapped the putt in, i
3:33 am
don't know what i did but i know i screamed. to have my kids there, it's come full circle, you know. my dad was here in '97. and now i'm the dad with two kids there. >> reporter: tiger battling through a crowded field, at one point in the day five golfers tied for the lead. but on the 12th hole, everything changed. as several faltered, tiger made his move. >> it was just a -- an amazing buzz out there to try and figure out what was going on. meanwhile, still stay present and focused on what i'm trying to do out there. it was -- i kind of liked it. >> reporter: perhaps the greatest comeback in sports. nearly 11 years since his last win in a major tournament. the longest drought in golf history. woods famously battled scandal in his personal life, then more recently crippling back injuries that led to four surgeries. last year he called his return to golf a miracle. >> one of the hardest i think
3:34 am
i've ever had to win, just because of what has transpired the last couple of years of trying to come back and play. >> reporter: tiger has his fifth green jacket and 15th major, closing in on jack nicklaus' record 18. tiger is also one win short of the record for total tour wins. you know you're doing well when presidents past and present are tweeting about you. president trump is hailing the comeback. former president obama calling it a testament to excellence, grit, and determination. janai, kenneth? >> thanks to our friend diane. somebody has plenty of reason to celebrate tiger's big win. tuesday a bettor placed an $85,000 bet on woods to win the masters. >> obviously he did, which meant whoever placed that bet won nearly $1.2 million. it is the largest single golf winning ticket that the williams hill sports book in las vegas has ever paid. several sports books say tiger's victory will create their largest-ever losses. this is incredible. so many people talking about it. a big story of redemption.
3:35 am
as diana's piece mentioned, tiger has been through a lot since the last time he won. jack? we're going to bring in jack for this. talk to us about this. >> our senior sport analyst, jack, we were talking before the show, the weather held off down there in augusta. >> it did. >> did you expect this? >> i didn't. well, you know. what can you say? did i expect it? i'm not really sure if i expected it or not, i never really cheer for any one golfer, one way or the other. but it was an incredible spectacle to see on television. as they were, you know -- just so many guys were playing at such a high level that you say, one stroke here, one stroke there made all the difference at the end. >> the big question of the morning, does golf need tiger? >> yeah. >> you know? because people -- >> is that going to help keep viewership up, drive people into the sport? >> people who are not golf fans were still tuned in yesterday, jack. that's the big question everybody is asking this morning because the next major, i'm pretty sure the pga wants that to happen today.
3:36 am
>> yeah. >> so they can continue on with those big ratings that they saw yesterday. >> let's put it this way, if anybody not named tiger woods had won the tournament yesterday, we would not be -- i wouldn't be on tv right now. >> that's true. >> not for this purpose. >> that's a good point. >> you are right, all right. analyst out, thank you so much, jack. moving on, much of the eastern third of the country is seeing stormy weather overnight. the system now extends from the carolinas into canada. tornado watches and warnings are in effect for parts of four states, including right here in the new york city area. a suspected tornado touched down in a rural northern ohio town earlier. >> over the weekend the same storm system killed at least eight people with as many as 15 tornados confirmed. three passed through this community in east texas midway between dallas and houston. >> 500 miles away in northern mississippi, another tornado caused significant damage and killed a 95-year-old man. a tree fell on his house while
3:37 am
he was in bed. >> but there were also incredible tales of survival, including the recovery of four puppies in east texas. their home is gone but the puppies, they are so cute, their mom and their owners are okay. >> and the south is now getting a break from bad weather today. accuweather's paul williams has the details. paul, good morning. >> good morning janai, kenneth. this high pressure system is going to allow for things to calm down like we need it to happen so we can recover from those terrible storms from the previous weekend. the storms departing along with the front pushing out of the way for the southeast. for the northeast it's still an active party as far as this thunderstorm activity is concerned. look for widespread rain, thunderstorms in the morning time, spotty showers upstate new york city, a winter mix for buffalo and upstate new york back into western portions of pennsylvania. for the northwest, unsettled weather throughout central portions of idaho. rain along the northwest coast. i know the deep south has shaken off one set of bad storms, but yet another unfortunately is on the way. wednesday afternoon and night featuring large hail and damaging winds.
3:38 am
janai, kenneth? >> all right, our thanks to paul there. in other news, what should be a memorable time has turned tragic at fordham university in new york. the school says a group of students climbed the bell tower on campus around 3:00 a.m. yesterday. one of them, a 22-year-old female who was a senior, wound up falling at least 30 feet inside the tower suffering trauma to her head and body. she later died at a hospital. school officials are looking into how the students gained access to the tower, which is usually off limits. turning now to president trump's growing war chest. his re-election campaign is expected to announce that it raised more than $30 million in the first three months of the year. >> that's more than any of his predecessors raised this early in a race. the trump campaign says its average donation was about $34 and they've set a goal of $1 billion. ivanka trump is on a four-day trip to africa to promote a global economic initiative for women. the president's daughter and adviser visited a coffee shop in ethiopia and toured a textile company, saying that investing
3:39 am
in women is smart business. she's announcing loans and other financial incentives before heading to the ivory coast. pope francis kicked off the holiest week on the christian calendar during palm sunday services at the vatican. the pope warned against being judgmental of others and too full of oneself during his homily in front of a crowd estimated at 50,000 people. the church's holy week culminates on easter sunday which celebrates christians' belief that jesus rose from the dead. next to opening day at fenway park. it doesn't get any bigger than today in boston. it's marathon day. thousands of runners and hundreds of thousands of onlookers are gathering for the 123rd annual boston marathon. a memorial honoring the victims of the 2013 bombing is expected to be unveiled today. organizers added something new this year, a prerace fan fest which ended sunday. and unless you're in massachusetts or maine, it's tax day. about 50 million americans are racing to beat tonight's deadline. at least 20% of taxpayers wait until two weeks before the
3:40 am
deadline to file their returns. 2018 tax code changes are making things even harder for procrastinators. two things are certain in life, death and taxes. it's time to pay up. >> it is. "star wars" universe has one more day to celebrate itself in chicago. the fans of the franchise have been in the windy city since last thursday attending what's called "star wars" celebration. many of them dressing up as their favorite characters. >> as you see right there. the convention celebrates the cultural phenomenon of "star wars." organizers call it the ultimate fan experience focused on the galaxy far, far away. >> one of the big features this year was a first look at "the mandalorian," the first live-action tv series set in the "star wars" universe, and it will be on disney's new streaming service in november. of course we should remind you that disney is the parent company of abc news. >> they pay the bills, we shout them out. >> what's your favorite character on "star wars"? >> princess leia. >> oh, okay.
3:41 am
>> who's yours? >> darth vader. >> of course, of course. coming up, the incredible moment caught on camera. a dog's rescue instinct kicking in just in time. later in "the skinny," the big surprise from ariana grande as she takes the stage overnight. you're watching "world news now." overnight. you're watching "world news now." he
3:42 am
3:43 am
3:44 am
an australian car collector is fighting for his life as his vehicle burst into flames on his way to a car show. people rushed to pull the 45-year-old man from the burning wreck, probably saving his life. one rescuer says it was so hot his own shoes caught fire. officials don't know why the mazda served across the median encountering a boat trailer. there are new details in a deputy's close call we showed you last week. after a wild gunbattle, a bullet grazed his head. >> surveillance video reveals how close he came to losing his life. abc's stephanie ramos has the story. >> reporter: a wild shootout all caught on a deputy's body camera. watch this deputy's hat fall to the ground as a bullet grazes his forehead. the barrage of bullets went flying across this busy florida highway in broad daylight friday.
3:45 am
>> i've been hit. >> you okay? >> yeah, i got hit in the head. >> with what? >> with a bullet. >> reporter: deputies were on the hunt for 30-year-old philip marsh after he allegedly carjacked this white truck from a woman at gunpoint. aerial shows marsh speeding down the highway, trying to make his getaway. the suspect jumping out of the truck, dodging a police vehicle. he points a firearm at his head before turning and opening fire on the officers. >> that's a gun he's aiming at us. >> reporter: one of those bullets piercing sergeant tom dayne's hat. brushing his forehead. officers rushing to help the sergeant. >> slow down. here. i'll get my first aid kit. >> reporter: sergeant dayne managing to walk away with a minor wound. >> the bullet enters the bottom of his cap, strikes him in his skull, then comes out the top of the hat. a millimeter lower, and sergeant dayne is dead. >> just incredible there. moving on to a man in florida has been killed by his
3:46 am
pet bird. >> so it was a cassowary, a large, rare, exotic bird. the owner, a 75-year-old man, apparently tripped and fell and one of the birds pounced on him. he died at the hospital. cassowaries are native to australia and new guinea. >> they can grow up to 6 feet tall and weigh more than 100 pounds and are considered the world's most dangerous birds. >> incredible that he had one as a pet, and so sad. when we come back, the latest from coachella. >> see which celebs were in the crowd to cheer on tiger woods. "the skinny" is next. see which celebs were in the crowd to cheer on tiger woods. "the skinny" is next. olay regenerist hydrates skin better than creams costing over $100, $200, and even $400. for skin that looks younger than it should. fact check this ad in good housekeeping. olay regenerist. now try olay hydrating eye. hydrates better than the #1 prestige eye cream.
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3:48 am
babies aren't fully developed until at least 39 weeks. a healthy baby is worth the wait. ♪ ♪ skinny gimme the skinny it's time for "the skinny." starting with the tv premiere that has everybody talking. "game of thrones." >> g.o.t., millions of people tuning in for the season premiere of the show's final season. 55 minutes of edge of your seat excitement. >> that's right. just 55 minutes. complex sharing this video that captures the show's anticipated
3:49 am
return. [ cheers and applause ] >> okay. so that's really photoshopped but it does a good job of capturing the way g.o.t. fans felt hearing the iconic theme song for the first time since 2017. we were fooled by it. >> we were fooled. someone else sharing this video of how they felt about season 8. >> yes! >> dancing their way back into westeros. >> that excitement was short-lived. as "game of thrones" fans know, no one is safe too long. this person tweeted, watching these previews for the next episode of "game of thrones" literally made me sweat and my heart is pounding. >> omg. >> i know. and we have to wait till next sunday. >> i'm so excited for everyone who's such a crazy fan of this show. >> me too, me too.
3:50 am
all right, so we have some breaking "skinny" news. ariana grande has just taken the stage at coachella music festival near palm springs, california. >> and she's not alone. ♪ >> who needs a tupac hologram when ariana transforms into justin timberlake? as if ariana wasn't big enough, she's joined by members of nsync, lance, j.c., joey, and chris joining her on stage. i said that because there was no justin. >> no j.t. where's j.t.? >> we had ariana, did we need him? >> will, do you know where j.t. was? >> yeah, who needs a j.t. when you have an ariana? >> right? there you have it. not mad at it. >> it looks fun. they're getting down. i mean, is that joey, friend of the show joey patone? there having a good time with ariana. >> so much fun. >> selena gomez made a triumphant return to the stage
3:51 am
with the help of her friends who joined her pal's set alongside cardi b and selena. it marked her first public appearance since may 2018. >> man, you go to coachella and you've got some good surprises, right? >> nothing like. >> nothing like. >> beyonce. >> yeah. that's probably why they had so many surprises this year, trying to make up for it. >> don't forget what happens this week. homecoming. >> homecoming! >> april 17th. >> homecoming! >> how could we forget? >> yes, we didn't forget. countdown clock, please. >> yes. >> look forward to that. and it was a big day for tiger woods at the masters. stars from golf and beyond are hailing his victory. >> the most-decorated olympian of all-time, swimming great michael phelps, you see him right there, literally right there behind tiger when he hit a near hole in one on the 16th. phelps was just inches behind, cheering on his old friend.
3:52 am
>> i feel that's the look when you're eavesdropping or over someone's shoulder. >> on the other side of the door, you're hustling. >> tennis great serena williams tweeting, i am literally in tears watching tiger woods, this is greatness like no other, knowing all you have been through physically to come back and do what you did today, wow, congrats a million times, so inspired, thank you, buddy. >> thank you, tiger. inspired, thank you, buddy. >> thank you, tiger.
3:53 am
3:54 am
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accepted by the ada for its effectiveness and safety. what an amazing clean! i'll only use an oral-b! oral-b. brush like a pro. ♪ ♪ just like animals animals like animals ♪ got some maroon 5 concert this morning. >> loving it, welcome back. stories from the animal kingdom now. a mother bear and her cubs awaken out of hibernation, checking out the slopes. >> the curious animals were watching skiers. they rode a ski lift at a maine ski resort. looking pretty cute. wait a minute, this is supposed to be gone by now. >> should we still be sleeping? did our alarm go off early? >> i hit the snooze button. an incredible rescue caught on camera and you won't believe
3:56 am
who the hero is. >> our own animal correspondent will ganss with the doggone daring rescue. >> you're the hero. >> i appreciate that. i'll be an animal correspondent and your hero. all right, when you see this footage, you guys, you just might be reminded of a certain canine tv star from the 1950s. take a look. >> what is it, girl? is it jeff? >> reporter: not jeff but someone else needs rescuing from this real-life lassie. a chihuahua in quebec crossing the snowy street, unaware of the blue suv backing up towards him. just when it seems all hope is lost -- >> lassie! >> reporter: the collie across the street dashing in at the last second, plucking the chihuahua from harm's way. take another look. the hero hound saving her little friend in the nick of time. the woman behind the wheel realizing what almost happened. stopping to give hugs to both pups. one person on youtube writing, put a cape on that border collie. another suggesting a juicy steak dinner for the hero. either way, the miracle rescue
3:57 am
almost like divine intervention. >> when i lay me down to sleep i pray the lord my soul to keep. >> any excuse to show that cute clip of lassie praying. >> you did so well finding lassie clips. i'm impressed. >> i was splitting my time between "game of thrones" and lassie. >> so impressed with that dog that sprang into action. >> it reminded me of another dog. underdog? animated cartoon? animated cartoon is redundant. that cartoon about dog that was hands-on saving people. i feel lassie is a little more hands-off. >> but still a hero. >> yes, absolutely a hero. he went back to the '50s. what time were you watching those, in the '30s? got him! that was a great story, will. >> don't leave me hanging here, boom. >> that was so cool, really cool. i'm so glad that dog was in the right place at the right time. >> exactly. >> a mama dog that just sprung into action to help that little pup, right?
3:58 am
>> you're my hero, doggone it. >> you're my hero, doggone it. my hero, doggone it.
3:59 am
4:00 am
>> stay with us for "good morning america". have a great day. making news in america making news in america this morning, deadly tornado outbreak. dozens of twisters touching down. children among at least eight people now confirmed dead, and the severe storm sweeping east. president trump facing backlash over his proposed plan to bus detained migrants sanctuary cities like san francisco. and why it's said congress can't read the president's tax returns. tiger's epic comeback. >> never give up. that's a gimme. always fight. >> tiger reveals what fueled his big win at the masters. what it was like having his children there, and the outpouring of support he's getting.


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